Social Media Curation Fundamentals

As every news media outlet knows, today’s readers have very short attention spans and exhibit little loyalty – they go where they can find the most information, the most well-rounded story. Increasingly, that story is being told off site – not solely on news media online publications, but on social networks.  30% of traffic to media websites comes from social, but these visitors are more fickle than the ones who arrive directly – they spend less time on site, visit fewer pages, and return less often. So engaging these readers is a very challenging job.

Social content is an important part of telling the whole story; the act of curating, selecting, publishing and providing commentary with a perspective on an article, or on events, has become increasingly important. 2015-10-09 16-39-34

But what is social media curation exactly?

Social media curation strives to find the best (i.e., most relevant and most accurate) social content for readers to enjoy and to share. The main advantage of curation is that it accelerates the process of discovering relevant content, which is especially crucial for those whose work involves processing large amounts of information.

However, most news media outlets try to tackle this manually and find that curating social content is costly and takes too much time. Instead of ignoring the social media conversation, news media needs to find ways to automate finding & filtering, curating & controlling, and publishing social content alongside editorial content.  

Leading the Social Media Revolution

At Crowdynews, we believe that weaving in the conversations taking place on social networks is essential to complete storytelling.  We understand this needs to be fast, simple, accurate, and safe – and thus offer a platform that helps news media tell the whole story by incorporating social content alongside editorial reporting. Uniquely, we offer news media organizations a social media curation platform that:

1. Fully automates the most social feeds

You can curate content from multiple social media sources to match your content. Enrich your user experience by adding the crowd’s perspective and keep your content up-to-date at the same time.

2. Delivers the most accurate & relevant content

Our solution makes sure it only publishes appropriate and relevant content by filtering out profanity and, for example, your competitor’s content. We do this by using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

3. Supports the most languages

The Crowdynews social media curation platform currently supports over 25 languages.
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Benefits of Social Media Curation

Companies who use Crowdynews to deliver accurate, relevant, safe, and automated social content can expect to:

1. Increase Engagement

Embrace the social media explosion and use it to your advantage to engage your readers with the power of social content.

2. Drive Revenue

You will be able to drive additional revenue through our revenue sharing business model.

3. Lower Costs

Our social media curation platform makes curating social content easy. It’s a one time setup and we take care of the rest.

Do you want to engage your readers, drive revenue ánd lower your costs?