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How It Works

Capture what's popular

Millions of people share content via social media each day. Gather this shared content and display it in order of popularity with Amplifinder. Pull in content from people, keywords or even locations from Twitter.

Flexible experiences

Amplifinder can deliver content in multiple experiences: horizontal or vertical widgets, or in fullscreen. And choose our APIs for even greater flexibility in how you publish content.

Control what's shown

Filter out profane content and use whitelisting and blacklisting to ensure the best results.

Flexible Applications. The Choice Is Yours.

Influentials, keywords or hashtags

Find the top links shared on Twitter from influentials, thought leaders, or specific keywords/hashtags. Amplifinder filters and ranks these links and displays the content in order of popularity.

What's trending

Track the engagement for your own articles and display them ranked by popularity. See what articles are trending on Twitter and drive additional viewers to your own content.

Drive traffic

Manage multiple websites? Use Amplifinder to drive traffic from one website to the other.

Crowdynews' Amplifinder is not only a great tool for readers, news editors can use it to easily follow emerging stories as they develop.

Jasper Wigleven, Reporter at Brabants Dagblad (Persgroep Nederland)

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