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Do we have to pay a (implementation) fee?
No. Our business model is a simple revenue sharing of the advertising placed in the widget that is implemented on the website. Optionally you can choose our wholesale option so you can control if and how many advertisements are placed. In both cases you don’t pay an implementation fee.

Is it possible to block certain accounts, i.e. competitors?
Yes, this is possible. You just put their account details (Twitter, RSS, YouTube, etc.) in the block list and their content won’t appear in the widget.

Can I block outgoing links to competitor websites?
Twitter’s guidelines are very strict with regards to what a tweet looks like. Removing links from tweets or making links not clickable is in conflict with these guidelines. However, it is possible to remove any tweets that contain links from your widget, but this will remove a lot of relevant tweets from your widget. Note: links in the widget are always opened in a new tab/window, so your website is still open inside the web browser.

Is it possible to make some changes to the widget?
Of course we can customize the widget to your needs, or even create a special Social Media solution for you! Contact us for more information.

Do the widgets work on mobile?
Yes. All our widgets support mobile, tablet and desktop as well as responsive websites. Or you can use our set of developer APIs to create a custom experience you can use within your mobile properties.

Does implementing the widgets affect SEO?
It doesn’t. The widget is a dynamic Javascript application and as such doesn’t affect SEO.

Do we need to keep an eye on the widgets continuously?
No. Complex artificial algorithms select, filter and present the most relevant content. No maintenance time or investments are needed to continuously get the best results.

Who controls the profanity and language filters?
All filters can be customized easily. You and Crowdynews are in control of the filters.

How do I implement the widget?
The widget consists out of a snippet of HTML that you simply copy/paste on the place where you want the widget to be. Details can be found in our Implementation Guide, contact us for more information.

How can I change the look of the widget?
All our widgets come with an optional custom CSS Stylesheet. If you would like custom adjustments, please contact us!

Can I create my own experiences?
Yes, you can do so by using our set of developer APIs.

What are the widget sizing options?
The minimum size of the widget is 300×600 / 600×300 (300 = fixed, 600 = customizable). When you choose our wholesale rate option, the absolute minimum is 300 x 300. For bigger clients we can customize our widget (no limitations).

Who sells the ads?
There are two possibilities: 1. We sell the ads. We ask our clients to provide their block lists (what kind of ads we can’t show). 2. You sell the ads, because you want full control on what ads are displayed. You send us the ad code, and we embed your ad inside your widget.

Can we decide which ads will be visible?
Yes, if you can sell the ads you can control which ads will be visible. If we sell the ads for you, we can block ads from specific categories or advertisers from appearing inside your widget.

We prefer not to make use of ads. Is that possible?
Yes. If you would rather not make use of advertising opportunities, we offer customized solutions based on a wholesale rate.


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