Engage Your Audience
with the Power of Social Content

Use AI-powered user-generated content curation to bring your stories to life.

Augment Your Stories with Content Your Readers Trust

On average, internet users spend almost 2 hours per day on social media. They are posting, discovering and engaging with content their friends and opinion leaders share. We help you make use of the power of social media by finding user-generated content that's highly relevant to your own content or offering - providing your audience with a real, authentic and augmented point of view.

The Results:


Increase Engagement

Drive time-on-site, pages per visit, and engagement with your pages by delivering relevant, real-time curated social streams.

Improve Conversion Rates

Boost user conversion rates by adding high-converting content your audience trusts - from real people and authorities.

Decrease Costs

The technology is fully automated across all social platforms. Save time and costs associated with searching for relevant and safe content.

Trusted by Publishers and Brands Worldwide

Adding social content gave our visitors more reasons to engage with the page and stay onsite longer.

Edwin Hof, Director Digital Marketing







The Best Social Experience on Your Site


The Crowdynews' AI-driven platform combines multiple social media sources. Select your own or fully automatic. Real-time or sorted by popularity.


Using intelligent filters and manual moderation, you're always in control of what's published. Safeguarding your reputation is our ultimate goal.


Easy to use experiences. Only a few lines of code. Set it up once and start driving engagement and increasing conversion immediately.

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