Article Engager

Fully automated social curation & publishing.

How It Works

Relevant social content

Automatically curate content from 8 different social media sources to enrich your articles with the crowd's perspective. Crowdynews filters out profanity, retweets, duplicates, and inappropriate content

Fully automated and safe

Based on computational linguistics and artificial intelligence, the Crowdynews algorithms select the most relevant content on a completely automated basis. That is what makes our product powerful and unique.

Multi-language support

The Article Engager matches your editorial content with social content in the language of your choice. Over 15 languages are supported.

Article Engager Helps You:

Keep your articles fresh and up-to-date

Empower your stories and increase credibility by using the voice of the crowd

Safe time & resources searching for relevant content

Thanks to Article Engager our readers can read what everyone is commenting on social networks and even see their own shares and other people's opinions. It helps us to significantly improve our readers’ time-on-site.

Fábio Góis, Media and Digital Businesses Manager, Correio da Bahia

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