All the Tools You Need
to Leverage the Best of Social Media

A platform that finds & filters relevant social content and posts in real-time next to your articles.

Core Capabilities

Find & Select

Use the RSS feed of your website to automatically find and select the most relevant content. Or select the sources you'd like to use yourself. Crowdynews offers you complete flexibility.

Filter & Control

You're in full control with advanced filters. Select the languages you'd like to use, filter out retweets and replies, and use whitelisting and blacklisting to ensure only the best results.

Publish & Profit

Save time & money. Enriching your content with social media requires only a few lines of code. The integrated ad solution helps you drive revenue.


Real-time, manually curated multi-social site stream

Create real-time content streams about any topic of your choice, from breaking news to special events. Include multiple social sources and fully control what content is displayed.

Trending topics stream

Find the trending links shared on Twitter. Crowdynews filters and ranks these links and displays its contents in order of relevance in a visual and appealing way.

Fully automated, multi-social site stream

Crowdynews automatically curates content from multiple social media sources to match your content. Enrich your user experience by adding opinion and keeping your content up-to-date.


The Crowdynews platform is highly sophisticated thanks to the combined power of natural language processing
and artificial intelligence, and at the same time flexible and easy to use.

Highly sophisticated

Our platform uses advanced technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) to properly analyze a news article and its related social media content.

Based on relevancy

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the platform finds the most relevant data out of millions of articles and social media posts. Thanks to both AI and NLP we achieve excellent relevancy rates in more than 25 languages.

Cloud-based & easy to use

Our worldwide scalable infrastructure allows you to set it up once and save time & money.

Multiple sources

We combine the power of multiple social media sources into one solution. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, and even RSS feeds are supported.

Advanced filtering

Advanced filters automatically filter out profane content in up to 25 languages, and allow you to blacklist your competitors. You're in control of the content.

Flexible & customizable

With Crowdynews, you get the flexibility to create as many different UI/UX experiences from as many social streams as you need. Customizable to match your brand identity. Or use our set of APIs for even greater flexibility in how you publish and manage curated social content - whether for websites, mobile apps or other digital experiences.

Built by Innovators

Crowdynews has a deep history with the University of Groningen.

One of our founders is an alumnus of the Computer Science department and the university was one of the first investors through their Knowledge Conversion Fund.

Today, many of the employees studied at the University of Groningen and Crowdynews participates in a number of projects with both the Artificial Intelligence and Information Science departments.