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How It Works

LiveGrandstand is the only digital sports offering that combines real-time commentary, live social content, player and club statistics, match news, and much more into a one-stop digital experience for sports fans.

Integrated, Automated UGC with Match Commentary

Save time incorporating social content with live match commentary – artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and automation do the hard work for you

Sophisticated Filtering & Moderation

Ensure the safety & relevance of the social content stream, suitable for any age audience and targeted to the match’s fans interests

Match Commentary Feeds across Sports & Leagues

Cover more matches without exorbitant overhead costs and/or resources, and attract new fans by broadening the content you offer on your site

Augment with Stats, Team History, Articles & More

Enrich the experience for fans, and entice them to linger on your site longer, and return again for the next match

Join the Premier League of Sports Publishers

Delight Your Fans

Give fans the “full story” from official sources, in one integrated experience, so they stay on your site longer, and come back for the next match

Drive Engagement

Augment match commentary with content from social networks to entice fans to consume more content, longer, on your site

Earn Money

Optional monetization packages help you improve the ROI of your investment

Football fans today can get much more engaged with a match before, during, and after the game, using online content and social media.

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