Top 3 Pillars of Publishing

Dr. Mario Garcia has been working with publishers for over 40 years. In today’s digital world, that’s a lot of news cycles. Over the course of his career, he has Read more

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Storm Stella Descends on the US Northeast

It’s hard to imagine that a major snowstorm is brewing given the view currently outside my office window. However, news outlets assure me that Storm Stella is on her way. Read more

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Global Elections as Seen Via Social Media

In the coming days, global elections will take place as regions and countries around the world will take to the voting booth and choose the next generation of leaders. And, as Read more

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Filtering Carnival UGC

Freedom of expression, without judgment is a rule-of-law in many countries. And, there is no better example than the four days of Carnival celebrated throughout the world, most notably in Read more