Developer APIs

Greater flexibility in publishing and controlling curated social media content

About the APIs

Crowdynews’ set of developer APIs offers more flexibility to publishers who want to include the voice of the crowd on their sites, in apps, and in other digital experiences that go beyond what’s offered off the shelf. Powered by Crowdynews’ proven social curation platform, publishers can leverage the APIs to deliver the most relevant, timely and safe social content from Breaking Burner and Amplifinder right to your readers, no matter what their interaction point with them.

API Offerings

Content API

With the Content API, you have greater flexibility in how you publish curated social media content, right within your mobile apps or other custom experiences. Filter content by social network service, by content type (e.g., only content with pictures or videos), by location, or sort by time published or trending score.

Control API

With the Control API, you have greater flexibility and control in how you filter and manage curated social media content. The Control API allows you to more easily manage the administration & inputs associated with curated social content, which allows to deliver the most relevant, timely, and safe social content right to readers.

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