Turn Engagement into Revenue with Crowdynews' Social Media Curation Platform

How Can We Help You?

Crowdynews helps digital publishers easily publish relevant social media. The results:

Drive more revenue from social content using our social media curation platform.

Deliver richer, more complete user experiences by adding the crowd's perspective to your stories.

Improve your user engagement by adding social media content to your editorial content.

We think it’s important to stimulate our readers and to make our sites a one-stop-shop for social media news. We believe social media is needed to spread the word.

Peter Sibner, CEO of NewsMe

Key Features

We offer an ad-supported model that helps you create new revenue streams.

Use various embedded streams - vertical, horizontal or full page - to integrate social media into the user experience. Or use our set of APIs to create your own for optimal flexibility.

Keep people on your site longer providing a more engaging content overlay.

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Check out these new engagement & revenue features:

New widget overlay experience
Top Social Spots feed delivered in the overlay