New Engagement & Revenue Features from Crowdynews

3mToday we’re excited to announce that we now have even more features to offer to help you improve engagement, increase stickiness and time on site, and increase revenue streams with Crowdynews.

Starting immediately, the following new features are available in our current widget overlays, which appear directly when readers click an item in the widget:

  • New widget overlay experience. A newly designed overlay, which appears when readers click an item in the widget, provides a more user-friendly display & easier navigation, more content to engage with, and more advertising opportunities.
  • Top Social Spots feed delivered in the overlay. A Crowdynews-curated feed of the top social posts in English for current events, lifestyle, and sports, and in Spanish for sports & lifestyle. Custom feeds are available on request.

When a reader clicks on an item in a widget, they get to see an entire new overlay that, for example, includes top social spots, a curated list of top social spots with engaging, remarkable, visual content from the Social Media world. The navigation buttons show other widget content from within the overlay and the sharing options allow your users to share this content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With this new and improved clear visible navigation, you get to improve your reader’s experience and increase stickiness, and you’ll be able to increase revenue streams with the additional advertisement positions.

You won’t have to take any extra steps to implement the new features, this update replaces the existing overlay. Upgrading is automatic: you can already experience these new features in your existing implementation.

We hope you enjoy working with the new & improved widget overlay as much as we do. For any additional questions or comments about the updates, please contact us at We’re happy to help!

Curious how Crowdynews can help you improve reader engagement, increase stickiness and time on site, and increase revenue streams at the same time?

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