The Intersection of Publishing & Social Media

intersection of publishing social mediaTheMediaBriefing surveyed media executives in July of 2016 to learn what was top-of-mind heading into 2017. The report, “the state of media 2017,” is a substantial report that covers topics ranging from digital display advertising to memberships & paywalls to social media. As a sponsor of the report, Crowdynews had early access to the report and its findings.

With respect to social media, TheMediaBriefing respondents stated that they are more committed to using social media moving beyond “likes” and “shares” towards conversion activities such as email newsletter sign-up and registration. We highly recommend the report as it frames publisher fears and hopes for the coming year.

To view the report in its entirety, click on “the state of the media 2017” to register and download the report.

For those of you who want to test your market understanding (either before or after you have had an opportunity to read the report) regarding how publishers will use social media in 2017, feel free to complete the following crossword puzzle we created based on report data.

intersection of publishing & social media


Click Publishers & Social Media to complete the puzzle online and/or see the answer key.