eurweb: Social Media Delivers Increased Website Engagement

eurweb case study

Launched in 1997, eurweb (the Electronic Urban Report,, is the premier destination for information about urban entertainment, sports, politics, and opinion.

Generally speaking, city dwellers are more social than suburbanites. In a recent study conducted by Arizona State University, urbanites spend an average of 92.8 minutes per day socializing with friends, acquaintances, or neighbors, compared to their suburban counterparts who average 87.5 minutes per day.

However when engaging with others via social media, both urban and suburban residents use social media to communicate at about the same rate. According to a recent Pew Research Report, 71% of suburbanites use at least one social media site (most likely Facebook) whereas 69% of urban dwellers engage using social media.

Lee Bailey, founder of Rabercom Enterprises and wanted to put urbanites use of social media to the test.

According to Bailey, “Crowdynews increased site engagement almost immediately. But, what I like best is knowing about everything that is trending on social media including the latest in entertainment news.”

Within just 2 months, Lee discovered that not only did social media enhance existing articles, but urbanites engagement rate on jumped significantly. Specifically,

  • Reader time-on-site increased by 49.7%
  • Bounce rates decreased by 51.1%

In addition to capturing relevant social media content to enhance existing articles, Lee is alerted to trending stories and breaking news.

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