Social Media Curation for Special Events: Elections

One of the advantages of social media is that it represents what’s happening now. So it’s particularly adept at capturing the conversation around special events, be that sporting events, awards shows or other entertainment gatherings, or even political affairs. Incorporating the conversation happening on social media into your editorial content gives readers an up-to-the-minute account of the events as they unfold, and encourages them to stay longer and read more pages.

To that end, one of our customers, Indian Express, found a great way to engage with their audience by creating a widget to cover the elections in the state of Bihar, India.  They curate social media content about the current elections, based on a couple of keywords and user accounts of parties, politicians and journalists involved in the elections and publish the real-time results, using the Crowdynews social media curation platform.

Politicians embrace social

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important in election times, as they are a critical platform for candidates to connect with the public, and get the political message across during elections. For voters, the internet has changed the way they consume content. Where in the past voters were on the consuming end of traditional news reporting, they are now curating election news themselves, following those on social media whose views they relate to, and choose not to read the things that don’t interest them.

Indian Express taps into this transformation and provides their readers with the best of both worlds – great reporting in their editorial content and the voice of the crowd via social media curation.

Crowdynews completes stories for every publishers’ website, from news to special interest, by adding real-time social media content. Are you looking for ways to incorporate social media content into your editorial content or to cover an event? Do you have ideas for how you would like to use social media to your advantage? Let us know, we’re always happy to chat with you and see how our social media curation tools can help you!