Covering Opening Day – or any game – with LiveGrandstand

Despite the snowstorm that swept into New England this weekend, yesterday was still opening day for our local boys, the Boston Red Sox. When the 8-time World Series Champions took to the field Monday 3 April against the Pittsburgh Pirates, their official Twitter account began reporting on the game, covering the antics of special guests, NFL Patriots players Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, as well as the more solemn moments right before the first pitch:

Game commentary peppered the account, running down play by play action, as well as incorporating multi-media content to keep fans updated and engaged on social – whether they were at Fenway Park as one of the lucky 37,000 in attendance, or one of the many watching from home, a bar, or streaming online during work (!).

But wasn’t just opening day here in Boston. There were 9 other matches Monday. Sports publishers & editors who want to capture the play by play of the games – as well as the social commentary – either had to have a team of reporters covering the match or subscribe to data streams that only tell half of the story.  All of that changes with the introduction of LiveGrandstand.

This new offering from Crowdynews allows sports publishers & editors to weave user-generated content from social – from official team accounts, players, media sources, fans, and more – with official live commentary from online data providers.

The integrated stream provides a live play by play of the game, both on the field and off.  Team social accounts can be woven together into the stream, so you can experience the game from both perspectives. Profanity filtering and white- and blacklisting ensure the safety & relevance of the social content stream, suitable for any age audience and targeted to the match’s fans interests.

And, for matches where you can’t have a dedicated report or subscribe to live commentary streams, the UGC stream gives you the social coverage that keeps fans from both teams informed from wherever they happen to “watch” the game.

opening day LiveGrandstand Tablet

LiveGrandstand helps sports publishers and editors cover any sport – from football (soccer) to football (American), from cricket and rugby to volleyball and tennis, and much more. Interested in learning more?  Contact us and we’ll chat!

Until then…“Play ball!”