All Relevant Social Media About The U.S. Elections

Crowdynews (, a Dutch technology company, has developed a first-of-its-kind automated social media product that displays a variety of content in a single page focusing on the U.S. elections.

The product captures the intense role of social media in the U.S. elections. The website is a perfect social media solution for election watchers, who long for a broad, real-time overview of the U.S. elections in text and illustration. And it’s perfect for the average news user who is looking for more detail. The feed is constantly updating, so fresh content is available continuously.

Sorting from all social media content written and posted about the elections, Crowdynews filters and selects the most relevant social media at a glance.

About Crowdynews
Crowdynews’ core business is to provide web publishers carefree social media integration. Several hundred newspapers in the U.S. and Canada belong to Crowdynews’ client portfolio, including the entire newspaper Digital First Media portfolio, The Vancouver Sun, The Montreal Gazette, and Chicago’s Daily Herald integrated Social Media with the help of Crowdynews.

United States
“We have chosen the United States because it is both a large and a cohesive market,” Edwin Kuipers, Crowdynews’ CEO explains. “And success in the United States can be translated easier to the rest of the world than vice versa. The business case of Crowdynews is based on advertising. Crowdynews leads to more and longer visits, resulting in increased ad sales.”

Crowdynews is very ambitious, obviously pleased, and extremely flattered by the fact that such reputable newspapers already have chosen to partner with us. “There are 3,500 online newspapers in the United States alone,” Kuipers continues. “And Crowdynews is also ideal for glossy magazines as well. Furthermore, the market is not confined to the U.S. Worldwide there are an estimated 12,000 online newspapers that account for 1,200 billion page views per year, making a wonderful market in which we want to play an important role.”

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