Crowdynews Expands to Brazil: Over 34 Million Page Views During Carnival Week

Company Lets Media Outlets Capture the Social Perspective Next to Popular Stories like Carnival and Gain new Digital Revenues

GRONINGEN, Netherlands – 31 March 2015​– Crowdynews, the social media curation platform for media companies, today announced that it has expanded operations to Brazil after a successful trial run with local newspapers during Carnival Week. The company lets media outlets post relevant social media commentary next to topical stories. During Carnival Week Brazil, a selection of newspapers incorporated the Crowdynews social media curation feed into their Carnival stories, resulting in over 34 million page views. Crowdynews shares its advertising revenue with media customers, giving them a new digital revenue stream.

“Brazil has been in the public eye with the World Cup, the elections and the upcoming Olympics,” said CEO and co­founder Jeroen Zanen. “These events are not only important to Brazil, but to the entire international community. With social media becoming the new way for people around the world to interact during major events, Brazil became a natural place for Crowdynews to expand our social media solutions and help media companies capture social media chatter about Brazil.”

Crowdynews gathers social media posts, photos and videos from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other channels to augment traditional reporting with social media and engage readers. The Crowdynews platform automatically filters posts for inappropriate language or any parameters the editors of an organization want to implement. In addition, Crowdynews uses advanced technologies such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence to achieve over 90% relevancy rates in more than 25 languages, including Portuguese.

The company is engaged with Brazilian media outlets including OPovo and Correio da Bahia. Media organizations that are looking to increase their social media profile during upcoming events such as Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, the Premiere League matches and the Olympics, should contact Crowdynews to get started engaging readers via social media outlets. For more information, visit

About Crowdynews
Founded in 2010, Crowdynews is headquartered in Groningen, The Netherlands. The company’s social media curation platform is comprised of three products: The Crowdynews Widget, Crowdynews Breaking Burner and Crowdynews Amplifinder. Customers include the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, AccuWeather, NBA,, The Malaysian Insider, Philippine Star, and hundreds of media outlets around the world. For more information, please visit

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