Crowdynews Releases APIs for Social Media Curation

Offers more flexibility to publishers who want to include the voice of the crowd on their sites, in apps, and in other digital experiences

Groningen, NL – 19 April 2016 – Crowdynews, the world’s largest social media curation platform, today announced it has released two APIs associated with its solution. These APIs enable customers and developers to utilize the core functionality of the Crowdynews platform in applications of their own creation (e.g., mobile app or other custom application), delivering maximum flexibility in finding, filtering, managing, and publishing social content.

“While many organizations use Crowdynews’ ‘out of the box’ features, some of our customers have envisioned ways to use social media curation that exceed what’s offered off the shelf, thus we’ve created the APIs,” said Edwin Kuipers, co-CEO and co-founder, Crowdynews. “We’re excited to see how they use the APIs to apply these capabilities in their mobile apps, on their websites, and in other digital experiences to deliver social media content alongside their editorial content in new and creative ways.”

Two APIs are offered at this time:

  • Content API: Offers greater flexibility in how media companies publish curated social media content. Filter content by social network service, by content type (e.g., only content with pictures), by location, or sort by time published or trending score.  The Crowdynews Content API allows developers to incorporate curated social media content right within mobile apps or other custom experiences, which allows them to deliver the most relevant, timely, and safe social content right to readers, no matter what their interaction point is.
  • Control API: Offers greater flexibility and control in how media companies manage and filter curated social media content. The Crowdynews Control API allows customers to more easily manage the administration & inputs associated with curated social content, which allows them to deliver the most relevant, timely, and safe social content right to readers.

The APIs will be available at the end of this month; for more information, visit

About Crowdynews
Crowdynews is the world’s largest social media curation platform, delivering social content to the news media market worldwide. We are the definitive one-stop shop for automating the inclusion of relevant, real-time, and safe social content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and more alongside editorial content. Using artificial intelligence & natural language processing, we enable our customers to tell “the whole story” by augmenting their own content with photos, videos, eyewitness reports, and opinions shared through social media. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Crowdynews.

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