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About Santika Indonesia

Santika Indonesia Hotels and Resorts is a well-known local hospitality company under the Kompas Gramedia Group, established August 1981. The company’s debut property, Hotel Santika Bandung, opened in West Java. Santika Indonesia was quick to recognize the country’s unlimited tourism potential as it continued opening hotels throughout Indonesia.

Santika Indonesia manages 105 hotels with five brands in 39 strategic exotic and business locations throughout Indonesia. The properties include the ANVAYA five-star hotel, 10 Hotel Santika Premiere four-star hotels, 26 Hotel Santika three-star hotels, 65 Amaris smart hotels, and luxurious boutique villas of The Royal Collection (The Samaya Seminyak, The Samaya Ubud, and The Kayana). There is also an Amaris hotel in Singapore. Each hotel is unique while providing the same high-quality standards of service, excellent facilities, and relaxing environments.

Social Media Inspires Travelers

Based on recent research from Crowdynews, travelers are more likely to post about travel (hotels, restaurants, events) while they are experiencing their trip versus after they have returned home. Specifically,

  • Twitter: 51% say Twitter content influenced the consideration of a travel brand
  • YouTube: 30% of travelers turn to YouTube to get destination/hotel/ restaurant reviews
  • Facebook: 52% of Facebook users say their friend’s photo inspired their travel plans (33% changed hotels, 10% changed resorts, 7% changed destinations)
  • 76% of travelers post their vacation photos to social media

Social Media Strategy

Santika Indonesia uses Crowdynews: 1) to deliver additional content to would-be travelers about destinations (where to go and where to eat) based on what’s trending in social media regarding specific locations,

Unique guest experience destination2) as a communication channel among guests letting them view the “social buzz” on a property’s individual social media page,

Unique guest experience Communications3) based on a property’s hashtag, Santika Group curates user-generated content for all of their properties allowing guests to share what they love most about their hotel, and

Unique guest experience kayana

4) to monitor competitors – what the guests of other hotels like and don’t like about their accommodations.

Unique guest experience competitors

“As one of the leading group hotel operators in Indonesia, measuring how guests engage with our hotel brands via social media is utmost important to us. Thanks to Crowdynews, we can deliver rich and unique content for either destination-specific, brand-specific, or customized user-generated content to our website visitors and be transparent at the same time. We also use Crowdynews to monitor our competitor’s reputation in social media,” according to Agustino Fernando, General Manager of E-Commerce and Revenue Management.

Next Steps for

Santika is currently exploring the possibility of incorporating a social media stream as part of their email marketing program. In addition, they plan to use Crowdynews for their newly remodeled Amaris Hotel. By including user-generated content, they hope to inspire would-be guests based on social media posts.

“Our goal is to increase traffic to our brands as well as user engagement with the brands and destinations leading to higher conversion.”

Download the case study (PDF).