15min Opens the Social Media Gates

News Site Comes Out on Higher Ground

Social Interaction

News web site 15min.lt is one of the main news web sites in Lithuania. The company was founded about 10 years ago, and has evolved to be a mobile-first news site with a strong emphasis on social media interactions. 15min.lt strives to be the first in breaking news stories and offers engaging social and mobile platforms to give life to news stories.

“Social media is an absolute priority for us, and we’re constantly looking for ideas on how we can make our social media engagement better,” said Gabriele Burbiené, Deputy CEO at 15min.lt. “We pride ourselves on being pioneers in news for Lithuania, and social is a key part of that commitment to innovation.”

As part of the company’s ongoing quest for improvement, 15min.lt began looking for a way to have a two-way stream of engagement with readers via social media. They were approached by Crowdynews who offered a new way of interacting and dialoguing with readers.

“…the Crowdynews filters were as good as they promised and no offensive content made it onto our site. We have the social interaction we want with our readers without having to worry about offensive posts.”

The Solution

Crowdynews offers a social content curation platform that brings together relevant social conversations around news topics.  The Crowdynews Breaking Burner widget runs next to news articles and pulls only posts that are related to the news topic from sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and more. With Crowdynews, readers get to contribute related opinions, videos, pictures and other social content that makes them part of the story.

“Frankly, my biggest worry with opening the social media gates was the risk of offensive posts and content,” Burbienė said. “But Crowdynews assured us their filters would not only discard content that wasn’t in context with the news stories, but would also eliminate content that had offensive or inappropriate language.  That was a relief as we moved towards the launch date.”

15min.lt decided to create a social media engagement campaign using the Crowdynews platform to promote the site’s new social capabilities. The first campaign was focused on the Lithuanian Independence Day. Just days before the 25thanniversary of Lithuanian Independence, 15min.lt launched Crowdynews and the “I Love Freedom” Campaign.

The Freedom Campaign encouraged Lithuanians to share their thoughts, moments and joy via social media images, text and video as they celebrated the country’s independence. The social media campaign ran next to articles about Independence Day and what Freedom means to this relatively new country. The campaign was overwhelmingly positive, and generated thousands of posts and millions of impressions. Advertisers took notice and soon 15min.lt was creating more social campaigns to support advertisers, concerts, festivals and other events across Lithuania.

Since launching Crowdynews, the company has added in full-screen views of the Breaking Burner, creating entire socially-driven pages on the site. Readers have the ability to directly engage on their social media pages without leaving the 15min.lt website.



The biggest change since implementing the Crowdynews Breaking Burner has been the two-way stream of conversations between readers, the publication and its partners and advertisers. The campaigns bring the Lithuanian community together and the site is able to welcome the community with open arms.

“None of our competitors are doing what we’re doing,” said Burbienė. “We are the first to pioneer such interactive campaigns. Crowdynews has allowed us to continue our reputation as cutting edge with news and technology. Furthermore, the Crowdynews filters were as good as they promised and no offensive content made it onto our site.  We have the social interaction we want with our readers without having to worry about offensive posts.”

The company plans to continue more of its social campaigns with partners and advertisers and continue to expand the Crowdynews platform on its site. Below you can see an example of a social campaign with an advertiser.


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