The Road to NAB2017

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The National Association of Broadcasters annual gathering, NABSHOW (or commonly referred to as NAB2017), is nirvana for broadcasters and everyone who supports the broadcasting industry. Expected 2017 attendance will be over 103,000 people. For all US-based shows, the NABSHOW ranks second in attendance, closely following CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

NAB2017 crowd

People from all over the world attend NAB2017 to hear about the latest advancements in technology, meet cool start-ups, and see celebrity presenters. Last year, Crowdynews participated in the cool start-ups track as a featured Sprockit start-up. This year, two key themes at NAB2017 include the MET Effect – how the blending of media, entertainment, and technology is transforming both the broadcast industry – and sports.

Crowdynews is attending NAB2017, Monday, April 24 thru Thursday, April 27 in Las Vegas. As a Sprockit Alum, we are planning to participate in select Sprockit events, tour the show floor, attend NAB educational sessions, and meet with many broadcasters. Our overarching goal is to listen to broadcaster stories as they share their digital challenges and opportunities for the coming years. In addition, we plan to share how social media can impact a broadcaster’s bottom line. By engaging with website visitors through safe, relevant, and real-time social media content, broadcasters can keep website visitors on-site longer, reduce bounce rates, and increase website conversions, such as signing up to receive an email newsletter, entering a contest, or streaming a show.

Following is a social media stream we created specifically for NAB2017. Check back often to see what show organizers, participants, and attendees are sharing on social:

Another track of interest will be the featured sports track. With the upcoming announcement of LiveGrandstand, many broadcasters have already expressed interest in learning more. LiveGrandstand combines real-time game commentary, live social content, player and club statistics, and game news into a unique one-stop digital experience for sports fans. Featured NAB2017 sessions include Sports 2.0: The New Rules of Fan Engagement, The NBA’s Golden Age of Innovation, and Sports and the Business of Broadcast, to name a few. With a full track of sports-related content, we will have plenty of opportunity to share Crowdynews’ unique fan experience with sports broadcasters.

If you’re attending NAB2017 and would like to schedule some time to talk about how user-generated content can play a role in broadcasting, and specifically sports, feel free to drop us a line. You can contact Crowdynews to schedule a meeting by clicking

Safe travels and looking forward to seeing you next week in Las Vegas!