Lilly Broadcasting: Expands Coverage Using Social Media

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, Lilly Broadcasting is a privately held TV broadcasting company that currently owns and operates 6 stations throughout the US and the Caribbean.

Working at Lilly Broadcasting for nearly 10 years, Chris Mead’s focus is to create and implement the digital and emerging technology strategies. Currently, he manages five websites representing six stations. In addition to KITV, ABC’s Honolulu affiliate serving nearly half a million households, Chris oversees WENY in New York, WICU and WSEE in Erie, Pennsylvania, and OCTV, serving all islands in the Caribbean since 2008.

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According to Chris, Digital Strategist at Lilly Broadcasting,

“Crowdynews mines original content from social media and brings it back to the publisher’s website. We’ve found that social media makes our original content more interesting and meaningful for our readers.”

Currently, Lilly Broadcasting uses social media to keep people on their websites longer engaging with advertiser content, driving increased revenue. What Chris likes best about the Crowdynews platform is its ability to curate content from all major social media channels, not a select few as other options he was considering did.

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